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The world is a journey and so is life. At Svitalo we believe in enriching life by travelling around the world. Meeting new cultures and seeing the world from different perspectives augments your own reality. The Svitalo team currently holds travel experience from about 35 countries and life experience from 8 countries. Our aim is to add a new country to our list of experience every year.

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Road Trips

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The World


Our deepest and most recent travel and life experience is from Puglia in southern Italy. This Italian region has been identified by National Geographic as one of the worlds best travel destinations. This since Puglia has a perfect blend of great sunny weather, wonderful people, amazing nature, cultural riches such as the UNESCO World Heritage site Alberobello and delicious food and wine. Puglia has also been identified by the Jet Set with the recent wedding of Justin Timberlake at the five star resort Borgo Egnazia, a holiday for Madonna and the annual Red Bull World Championship Cliff diving competition in Polignano.


Svitalo can help you with organising your trip to Puglia. Recommendations on apartment rentals, hotels and other accommodation. Check out our store for more information. We are also happy to provide personalised guided tours, transfers and an introduction to the local culture.


Where to stay? Where to eat?



Italy is an amazing country, much loved by travelers from all over the world. Interested in wine? Italy is the place for you! Want to spend your holiday at the beach? Italy is the place for you! Want to drive around spectacular scenery combined with rich cultural history accompanied by great food? Italy is the place for you!

United as late as 1861, Italy is a young nation with a very long and rich history. The cultural diversity is still very strong and has its roots in the ancient pre-Italian kingdoms. When you visit Italy you should consider which region you visit. Each of the 26 regions has its particular history and cultural heritage. You can also approach Italy from its major cities. Rome  in itself is a wonderful trip. Venice a totally different experience. 

Road Trips

Setting out on a road trip is a wonderful experience of freedom. You know where you start but never where you finally end up or where the journey will take you. Europe is an amazing continent for road trips. The multitude of countries, cultures,  languages and geography makes it an exciting place when travelling by car.

Gothenburg  > Bari 2500 km
This might sound like a long trip but it is actually really doable. Taking you through things like the magnificent Öresunds bridge between Sweden and Denmark. This is even better when driving with the top down! Copenhagen is a great first stop on this trip. Driving on you will soon pass the two Big Belt bridges in Denmark. This is as close as you can get to driving on water.


Another couple of hours and you get into Germany where some real high speed driving is possible and often allowed. When you want to slow down a perfect place to wind down is the Mosel valley. A steep valley boasting wineyards all along the beautiful Mosel river.  Next stop Strassbourg, France. Here you should pick up some good Gewurzstraminer wine and move on. The trip will then take you on into Switzerland  where you can visit Lake Geneva and the cities of Lausanne or Montreux. Perhaps have a traditional cheese fondue for dinner. Watch out for speed cameras! They seem as precise as Swiss watches.  


Setting off next morning you will head for the alps. The driver’s choice is to take the pass over to Italy. If travelling with bad weather the quicker tunnel could be an alternative. Driving up the alps you can enjoy some of the best sporting roads where any type of car can be put through its paces. Also you as a driver will sometimes be challenged with serpentines  and breath taking scenery. 

Once up on the top a small celebration and cool down is due in the fresh alp air. From thereon it’s all downhill. Go easy on the brakes! Driving down into Italy you will find the roads opening up and inviting you to increase the speed. When leaving Mont Blanc behind you driving down the valley of Aosta you feel that you’re headed towards the sea.


Soon down on the immense Italian flatlands of the north west. Little traffic and amazing Italian Autostrada helps your average speed and you will soon come to an intense stretch of road around Genova. Tunnels combined with heavy traffic and often rainy weather will probably drain a lot of your driving energy. Could be a great time to stop for a visit at the world famous Cinque Terre.


Pushing on you will soon be in Toscana with it’s amazing variety of Wine, Cities, landscape and coast line. Perhaps you spend the night in Florence sipping on a glass of Brunello di Montalcino. 

On the next day you’re set for something big. Rome! When driving in Rome the first time you will realize that the Colosseum is actually partly a round about. Piazza Veniezia is a normal place to meet up also when driving. You feel that the roads were made for roman horse carriages and not always suited for modern cars.

The last sprint to get down on the Italian heel, Puglia and the city of Bari is a 450 km stretch with good roads. Some parts are a bit twisty due to the mountain range Appenin crossing Italy. Once in Puglia some amazing high speed stretches with little traffic open up and let you sprint the last stretch. The Tutor speed control system will pick you up if driving with an Italian number plate so stay alert. Once you reach Bari you will get off the Autostrada and get on the local coastal roads taking you all the way to the tip of the heel in Santa Maria di Leuca.

That’s it! We hope to share more road trips with you soon. 

The World

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